Story on the Development of Collagen Matrix

The birth of Collagen Matrix, it can date back 40 years.
At that time, the CEO of SUKOYAKA Foods, Inc. was thinking about what he could do for his aging mother's health.
After checking up a lot, he arrived at a conclusion that "To eat cartilage is good for her health.", and it was the first step for the development of Collagen Matrix.
However, supplements at that time were not as popular as now.
So he decided to powder cartilages to make them easier to swallow, and recommend daily use of it to his mother.
While doing so, the CEO became more confident that eating cartilages is helpful to maintain her health.
Then he thought he must make cartilages useful not only for his mother's but also other people's health, and started researching.

"Why is it good to eat cartilages for keeping good health ?" While advancing our research, we found that chondroitin was contained in cartilages.
Then, for cartilage powder with a higher chondroitin content, we searched around the world.
At last, in 1995, we found the cartilage powder with its chondroitin concentration increased, and properly started the studies and trial productions.
While advancing our studies, we found that cartilage contained not only chondroitin but also particular collagen type Ⅱ.
Also, for people who took our preproduction gave us reputes, we reached a conviction that it could be good for everybody's health.
Finally, we confirmed that we must productize it if it could contribute to the world.

イメージ During the 3-year-long further trial productions since 1995, we found that to contain cartilage extract together with glucosamine, collagen type Ⅰ, type Ⅲ and vitamin C provided better physical effect than cartilage extract on its own, and at last we reached the antetype of the present Collagen Matrix --Matrix composition, compositing the related nutrients together.
During the process of trial and error, such as changing it from powder to tablets for ease of consumption and filling it into glass bottles for preserving property, the present Collagen Matrix got completed in 1998.

What is a Matrix?

A thing with its related components combined in a compositive matter--that is a Matrix.
The Matrix with a base of collagen exists in abundance in skins, articular cartilages, muscles, bones and so on.
Then, what are the components of the Matrix?


Fibriform components



elastin etc.

Liquid components

(water retention components)



hyaluronic acid*




fibronectin etc.

※The (*) components are included in Collagen Matrix.
※Glucosamine is a raw material for producing mucopolysaccharide (chondroitin, hyaluronic acid etc.).

Thus, the Matrix consists of various components in a balanced scheme, and assumes a very important role in daily health maintenance.

Memories of the Coenzyme Q10 Supplements Development

April 25th, 2005 Mitsuo Miyama

In 1996, I found an unfamiliar product in a health food shop in L.A.. I consulted about its components, and noticed that they were quite good.
In 1997, the next year, I bought a tablet form sample and tried to take 30mg of it everyday but felt nothing impressive, so for a while it had been lost to my memory .

In summer of 1998, I asked about the strong seller in a major health food chain shop, and the answer was " CoQ10".

So I consulted some books and heard from Professor Kishi in Kobe Gakuin Univ. , a world authority on Coenzyme Q10, and learnt from him: Coenzyme Q10 was more easily-absorbed when dissolved in oil than in tablet form, and was harmless under 100mg per day.
Then I could be sure that it can contribute a lot to the health maintenance for Japanese people.
Additionally, I found all kinds of Coenzyme Q10 ingredients were all made in Japan.

I started preparing for selling Coenzyme Q10 supplements in Japan.
When I got some precious information from Journalist Kawada in Nikkei Health and went further on researching, in spring of 2001, Coenzyme Q10 became able to be sold as a health food for the classification of food and medicine changed.
We gained the cooperation of Kaneka Corp, which held the largest share of bulk powder market on production of yeast-derived Coenzyme Q10. Also, we gained the instruction of Tokyo metropolitan government, and made a jump-start on selling Coenzyme Q10 supplements.

But, at first we couldn't have the unfamiliar name remembered.
Gave a sample to the customer, and explained the mechanism of Coenzyme Q10 to him with a figure of mitochondria while being detestable ……we had being tried many times to educate a lot of people to recognize Coenzyme Q10 in Japan.
In addition, because of Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, we couldn't claim the effects and potencies of Coenzyme Q10 and had a tough time of it. But holding a faith that some day we would make everyone happy, we adamantly believed that it was a supplement benefiting the society and kept promoting it for 3 years.

As a result, we had our fan base and had been picked it up by the media including TV. Finally, in autumn of 2004, it became a big boom.

However, Coenzyme Q10 is not a veritable panacea in any way, and it is wrong to attach too many hopes (especially for beauty) to consumers. It is good to take the effects as a piece of good fortune.
And if there are good outcomes, you can enjoy the unhoped-for happiness.

A New Component from Fermentation-- the Development of Fermentation-derived Supplements

Fermentation is a beneficial activity for human being by microorganisms.

Fermentation is often associated with foods which are good for body such like natto or yogurt.

In fact, it has been used for various purposes around us through the ages.

Above all, the closest fermentation is performed in our body.

In our body, there are over 100 trion microorganisms living in our body, mainly in the intestine.

For example, microorganisms in the intestine can digest what we cannot.

Also, we accept nutrient components like vitamins produced by microorganisms in the intestine.

The immune system is kept well by the balance of microorganisms in the intestine.

Without the activities of microorganisms (fermentation), we cannot have a healthy life.

Now, besides natto and yogurt, fermentation is also used in bean paste, soy sauce and pickle etc to enhance and append the nutritional value, improve the shelf life, make the taste better, and so on.
Let's see how fermentation enhances the nutritional value.
For example, natto is made by Bacillus natto contained in straws.
By the function of Bacillus natto, the abundant proteins are decomposed to easily-absorbed amino acids.

That's one of the reasons why natto is a great health food.

Also, components associated with SOD activity like vitamins or flavonoids in foods, their functions can be enhanced by fermentation.

The climate of Japan befits the multiplication of microorganisms, and superior fermentation techniques like liquor making have been developed through the ages.

Fermentation has other various features, it is profound and has a lot of undissolved points.

There must be a lot of unknown functions good for health and beauty.

We will keep researching and developing new fermentation-derived health and beauty supplements focusing on such unknown functions of fermentation hereafter.